Friday, September 19, 2014

Lose Weight By Understanding Your Food Sensitivities

Weight loss and the holiday seasons are two things you thought you would never hear in the same sentence.  If you were told it is possible to lose weight during the holidays, would you believe it?  Probably not, right?  Well it is more than possible, and it is all thanks to recent studies regarding food sensitivities.  

For the longest time people were under the impression that food allergies were the cause of certain health issues.  It was even thought that someone was allergic to a food if it didn’t agree with them.  Wesley Burks, MD, division chief of pediatric allergy and immunology at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina said it best, “You can’t eat cheese, feel sick and claim a food allergy, but then turn around and enjoy ice cream and feel okay”.  Well, thanks in part to recent food studies looking into the reactions foods go through during digestion, food sensitivities have been discovered.  

Food sensitivities are much more common than food allergies, you just don’t know that they are there.  Or do you?  If you have ever suffered from bloating, headaches, stomach pains, gas, swelling, etc., it most likely has been due to a food sensitivity to something that you have eaten within the past few hours.  Food sensitivities are definitely responsible for that unwanted weight gain as well as numerous other health concerns.  The cause behind the unwanted weight gain and other unpleasant health issues...inflammation in the gut or intestines.

So how does understanding food sensitivities help you lose weight?  Foods which you experience sensitivities to are preventing you from achieving that optimal level of health and weight.  By molding a diet around your food sensitivities, the body will begin functioning the way it should, side-effect free.  Increased metabolism, less fatigue, more energy are all possible after identifying which sensitivities you are affected by.  How are you supposed to mold a diet around food when you don’t know which foods negatively affect you?  It really doesn't have to be as complicated as it seems.  Of course you can go through an elimination diet over a period of a couple weeks to help rule out certain foods that are making you gain weight.  Although, there is a much quicker and more precise way.  It is called a food sensitivity test.

A food sensitivity test can precisely uncover exactly which foods are causing the inflammation which we now know causes a variety of other health issues. A simple blood test, analyzed in a lab, will provide you results to help you develop the diet that best suites your sensitivities.  ALCAT Worldwide offers such a test and it has helped numerous patients return to a healthy, symptom-free lifestyle.  Take advantage of the opportunity in front of you now before the “eating season” begins and you end up in another weight battle.