Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gut Inflammation: Friend or Foe?

In 2004, TIME Magazine released an article “Health: TheFires Within”. This submission talks about inflammation and how it is meant to protect the body from infectious diseases. The author also mentions potential links to: inflammation gone awry and the possibility of diseases like Alzheimer’s, heart attack, colon cancer and a host of other diseases.

Now, 10 years later, it is believed to be that testing for food intolerance can assist in uncovering the cause for inflammation. Our body’s primary immune response, Inflammation, is our natural defense system from infectious bacteria. As soon as the body detects bad bacteria knocking at the door, the area affected becomes inflamed preventing the bacteria from spreading elsewhere. However, Inflammation doesn’t only occur at injury sites. Believe it or not, your gut can become inflamed due to a food intolerance, which affects nearly 80% of the U.S. population. This gut inflammation plays a major role in side effects such as digestive disorders, migraines, obesity, aching joints etc. that majority of Americans deal with on a daily basis.

By identifying which foods you are intolerant of, or in more rare cases allergic to, we can greater understand the reason why the symptoms you are suffering from occur. There are many ways to be tested for food intolerances, although there is one that stands above the rest. The ALCAT Test, provided by Cell Science Systems, makes use of the use of the ROBOCat II instrument, an automated liquid handling system designed to measure white blood cells, the ALCAT Test measures reactions of white blood cells using the electronic principle of particle counting and sizing.

Together, along with the assistance provided by the ALCAT Test, we can hopefully begin to significantly reduce if not eliminate the symptoms you are suffering from. Based on which foods you are intolerant to, a diet customized solely for you can developed. Staying away from your trigger foods will allow you to live healthier and more importantly feel healthier with less holding you back. Remember, inflammation is our body protecting itself from something it doesn’t like so listen to what your body is telling you when experiencing those pesky side-effects. There is something triggering that stomach pain or headache, time to find out what it is!