Friday, October 25, 2013

Who Recommends The ALCAT Test?

doctors who recommend the alcat test

When discussing a food sensitivity test, such as The ALCAT Test, one of the first things potential patients wonder is how legitimate the test is. Perhaps it's all fluff, or a scam that doesn't deliver results that are any different from a standard take-home allergy test.

For the past three decades, Cell Science Systems has been working with an international network of medical professionals who have seen they kind of changes that The ALCAT Test has brought forth in their clients. Many of them have even posted blogs about their personal experiences, some of which we have compiled here for you to peruse.

Dietitians, MD's & Pharmacists Recommend The ALCAT Test

Kristina LaRue is a registered dietitian from Orlando, FL. Although a nutritional professional, she struggled with her own digestive issues for some time, before taking The ALCAT Test for herself. Kristina discovered a variety of food intolerances, and adjusted her diet accordingly. You can read all about her journey here:

Dr. Desmond Ebanks goes into depth discussing his experiences with food sensitivities. He admits to not learning about them during medical school, as well as acknowledges his colleagues' initial aversion to the idea. However, he then details some specific cases in which patients of his benefited from utilizing the information that they received in their ALCAT Test results:

Graham MacKenzie is a registered pharmacist, and has experience with all manners of food sensitivity and allergy tests. In his blog post, he describes what makes The ALCAT Test different from traditional "skin prick" tests, and explains what kinds of symptoms may be relieved with a change in diet:

These are just three quick resources you can reference when researching just what The ALCAT Test is all about. Our network of physicians and practitioners spans across multiple continents, so the chances of a doctor in your area who recommends The ALCAT Test in their practice are relatively high. To get started finding one near you, follow this link: