Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What Do My ALCAT Results Mean?

What Do Your ALCAT Test Results Look Like?

The results of your ALCAT test are delivered in an easy to read, color-coded format. But before we get to what these colors mean, let’s discuss what comes along with your ALCAT test results. Each individual’s packet comes with an “Understanding Your ALCAT Test Result” booklet. This booklet is recommended as the first thing to read, in order to understand what you’re looking at. In case you’ve misplaced it, the information is also on ourwebsite. Along with the booklet, you will also notice a wallet-sized card that highlights your most sensitive foods. It is recommended you keep this card handy at all times (while grocery shopping, dining out, etc).

Moving on, your ALCAT test results are divided into 4 colored sections; red, orange, yellow and green. The RED section outlines your most severe sensitivities, the ORANGE section outlines your moderate reactions, the YELLOW section outlines your mild reactions, and the GREEN section outlines your non-reactive or “safe” foods.

It is recommended you remove the items in the RED column from your diet for a MINIMUM of 6 months.

It is recommended you remove items listed in the ORANGE section for a MINIMUM of 3-6 months.

It is recommended to avoid, if possible, items in the YELLOW section for at least 3 months (especially if there are only a few items in your red and orange sections).

Foods listed in the GREEN section indicate no reaction, and can be eaten freely on a rotation basis - meaning no more than once every four days.

You will also notice 3 BLUE boxes on your Alcat test results. These boxes indicate your reaction to Candida, Gluten/Gliadin and Casein/Whey. If you show any reaction to any of three, the report will automatically remove any items for the acceptable food list (GREEN section) that would have relation to those items. For example, in the below report, you will notice a moderate reaction to casein and cow’s milk and goat’s milk in that blue box. Those items are listed because casein is in both of those items. 

You will also notice an asterisk next to certain items. The asterisk simply denotes your mild reactions.

Many of our first-time patients can be overwhelmed by some of their results, and neglect to take the time to fully comprehend what they might mean. Remember, there’s no substitute for health, and most of the time, your GREEN section will include far more foods that you do not show a reaction too, and may even offer new possibilities for meals that you have never considered before. If you have any questions, please contact us on our Facebook or Twitter accounts. Happy eating!